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Yeastar features a full range of compact and affordable PBX systems. Dubbed as Yeastar MyPBX, these PBX systems are rich in feature and come in different models with each being designed to meet the particular need of business of various sizes. All of these Systems are easy to install while being flexible for quick integration. Yeastar PBX supports the network access of ISDN BRI, PSTN, GSM, and even VoIP. It’s a budget-oriented high performing PBX that combines with rich functionality.

Yeastar believes in an eye for affordable interoperability on a global scale. For this matter, this company has devoted itself to the creation and distribution of the latest technology for communication. Specializing in Gateway and IP PBX systems Yeastar takes the product in listening to the needs of its clients instead of just presenting their products.

 This company not only introduced top-end products in the market but products that are easy to enter into your business. Yeastar PBX Systems makes a good example of this. See how this product range can help your business to grow. Providing you with an all in one solution the Yeastar PBX System range delivers enterprise-grade devices for your small business to help it grow. See the complete Yeastar S Series range from Yeastar to make your mind.

Why Choose the Yeastar Telephone System?

Yeastar in Abu Dhabi offers compact but full of feature PBX range. This Range consists of some models designed according to the particular needs of businesses, Business of different nature and size. The Yeastar IP PBX use Internet Protocol Data Networks to manage the route calls with call switching.

This technology comprises of advanced communication features while providing the option to connect with traditional PSTN lines. All Yeastar IPBX System consists of IP SIP phones from any manufacturer,  PBX server with inbuilt PSTN Lines. Yeastar offer 4 Models in its S series IP PBX Systems. Which is Yeastar S20, Yeastar S20, Yeastar S50, Yeastar S100, and Yeastar S300. The Key advantages of Yeastar IP PBX Systems are listed below.

  • Affordability

Speaking of affordable VoIP routing, not to mention buying IP PBX helps you to save a lot. When used with hosted VoIP, the initial costs are significant decreases. These can also be used with the signaling time and distance as they are short, and they don’t depend on anything to travel over other networks and even on the internet.

  • Easy Setup

The Yeastar MyPBX in UAE is easy to configure and installs. The credit goes to their full adoption with tech-savvy minds who knows these data networks well. If compared with Proprietary phone systems, users now don’t have to face any difficulties for navigating with compatible software to configure and install anything.

yeastar ip pbx uae

Yeastar Product Range

Yeastar in Dubai delivers top-notch telephony features and functionality for small to medium businesses while remaining affordable. Following are the vast array of our products:

  • Yeastar IP PBX
  • Yeastar Neogate VoIP Gateway

About Yeastar

Yeastar specializes in the Development and Manufacture of IP PBX and VoIP devices. This company operates a sophisticated network that commits to the distribution of far more advanced technology for seamless communication.

Yeastar also offers affordable ITSP solutions for developing Enterprises for its introduction in the market. This company made its make with the TB400 BRI VoIP Gateway Inside and out. The innovation of Serializing TB with TB200 helped to improve the performance and expanded sets for ISDN BRI users and service providers.

This achievement is succeeded by Renewed Enclosure Design, which introduced interface and LED indicators right on the front panel for better usability. It improved the processing capability with High-end chipset and widely improved Fax performance by improving its rate up, thus making it reliable.  With Codec upgraded performance, it allowed calls with all ports including G.711, G723, and iLBC.

Yeastar also revamped Web GUI by Configuring BRI settings and SIP settings with VoIP Trunks. This feature has expanded the set of features opened doors to Flexible Calling Rules, BRI Settings Configuration with Firewall, IP Blacklist, TLS, and SRTP. This line has secured the voice call from BRI to VoIP and VoIP to BRI. It also secured the Call Back and Hotline with Two-Stage Dialing Features.

Yeastar Trust

Yeastar dedicates itself to the development of the better IP-PBX product to improve daily communications. For this, Yeastar not only designs, but also deploys cunning IP solutions to communication applications to make them stable. Due to its utmost dedication, Yeastar has made a name in the VoIP and IP surveillance market for providing innovative and reliable networking products and solutions.

This brand not only serves their client with their respective needs but also provides them with insight into their needs. This company listens to the new demands of the market and implements it in the product range.

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