polycom video conferencing abudhabiA video conference is alive, optical relation between two or more people occupying in distinct locations for transmission. At its purest, video conferencing assigns communication of stable images and text between two positions. At its most worldly-wise, it assigns communication of full-motion video pictures and high-quality audio between numerous spots. Or it can be explained as a video conference means to manage a meeting between two or more members in various areas by using computer webs to dispatch video and audio data.

In the upcoming few years, we shall see a rapid rise in utilize of video conferencing as a necessary implement for businesses to upgrade co-operation and transmission between consumers, companion, and employees. The technology has bloomed considerably for timely adopters to its current form of high demand roll-out.

With video conferencing becoming the critical item of IT admins that allows alliance and transmission. Through these businesses will be glancing at suppliers of telephony, business supplications, and system infrastructures services to involve this ability as a segment of their offering.

This report will inspect the primary module of the technology, considerations for exploiting video conferencing solutions and will launch the POLYCOM ‘Real Presence’ Platform to readers.

The language of video conferencing:

As video conferencing technology has transformed, two necessary protocols have appeared to supply the signaling reign for the establishment, rule the cancellation of video conferencing calls; H.323 and SIP.

For the decoding and encoding of visible statistics, the company is moving towards the company caliber known as H.264. It is sketched to supply top-quality video at lower bandwidth above a vast range of organizations and webs.

An addition to the H.264 custom is scalable video coding (SVC), which is set to ease the enablement of video conferencing on a broad range of gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

Device management:

The software policy is necessary to authorize large-scale deployment and supervision of video conferencing solutions; the software policy assigns for the guidance and support of hardware infrastructure items through a different functional area.

Firstly, the device manager can assist in distribution gadgets and items of the video conferencing infrastructure dynamically. Once item hardware is established within the web and infrastructure, then Device Manager will detect and help troubleshoot issues with these gadgets. When software updates are acquired, the device manager will assist locate them.

Secondly, the device manager will also assign general features and recording of video calls. It can operate the statistics to judge present system usage and build-up plan for the video web.

Which technology is used in it?

There are several various kinds of video conferencing technology. As a pivotal means of transmission, these revolutions are most attractive to multiple end users and corporations. They assist optical and live relations between two or more than two people who are in two disparate areas. It changed transmission as we know and some technologies are listed below;

-Desktop Video Conferencing.

-Integrated Video Conferencing.

-Monitor Codec.


-Room-based Technology etc.

polycom abudhabi


Multiple associations who have subsidized in video conferencing will automatically want to able the help mobile or home workers wishing to link with their company web. Through this, they can also engage in video calls with their partners or colleagues. The software policy must assign the ability to enable and control this.

Video conferencing-enabled associations will also need to utilize the technology of interface with their consumers and partners. This will only be viable if video traffic is capable to securely cover the firewalls to one consumer to another consumer.

Firewall traversal is a specific dare to video, as the information firewalls try to re-arrange data packets.

POLYCOM was co-established by JEFFREY RODMAN and BRIAN L HINMAN. The company that originated in 1990 with the innovation of transforming a basic gadget, the Speaker Phone-into indispensable business hardware has bloomed to become a global boss in voice, video and satisfied combination solutions helping companies and enterprises of all formation and vastness.

They have two decades of revolution and more than 950 technology franchises that underline their commission to release the power of human alliance. They generate astonishing solutions and inventive user experiences that assist millions of people around the globe to elude distance to increase capacity, distribute better consumer service, accelerate revolutions, develop education and rescue lines.

What are the products of Polycom?


Business Application Solution

CX100 Speaker-phone

Desktop Connectors

Eagle-Eye cameras

Firewall Traversal and Security

Headset Interface Adapter

Interoperable Voice

Local Call Recording

Microphone Array

Neoprene Carrying Case

Optimization Services


Recording, Streaming and Content Management

Solution Design Service

Utility Cart 500

VVX Camera

WIFI Adapter

Zero Touch Provisioning Solution

There are several POLYCOM products to discuss.


POLYCOM is an American multinational association that forms video, voice, conversation technology and pleased collaboration. They invaded the video conferencing business in 1998. POLYCOM launched the View-Station item line which involved miniature with implanted multipoint abilities, content distributing abilities and comfort for the emerging H.323 IP web protocol.

In 2000, they invaded a personal desktop video conferencing tool called Via-Video. In February 2001, they attained Accord Networks, and in October 2001, they accomplished Picture-Tel. In 2006, POLYCOM invaded its first sharp definition video conferencing system. After that, it proclaimed the POLYCOM (RPX) involve entirely in TelePresence solution, which they attained in 2007. In February 2007, the company launched a new bridge policy called RMX 2000 sketched to assist sharp definition and TelePresence implementations. In 2008, they dispatched the (CMA) a video web and system command utilization for provisioning and controlling video webs. At the end of 2008, POLYCOM also portended its ideas to support sharper resolution 1080p and 720p at 60 frames per second. During 2010, the company launched a fresh, immersive TelePresence solution, the POLYCOM Open TelePresence Experience (OTX 300) assuming alliance including 1080p, utilizing partially the bandwidth of other match-able systems.

Every day millions of people over the globe utilize POLYCOM Video Conferencing solutions to meet with their partners, friends or colleagues. People use it because of sharper transmission, faster determinations, high-quality vision and more personable, innovative team.



The POLYCOM Eagle-Eye manufacturer is a hands-free brilliant camera system, sketched to perform the fresh in facial identification technology into current video spaces. Its maker automatically mounts the body and faction of meeting members, supplies critical analytical information to authorize outlining reoccur on investment of your video alliance deployment. Functions of this product are as follow;

It installs into a forum and compact meeting rooms to expand the value of video alliance.

Mechanically realize room members and crops/zooms photos suitably.

Actively observe room exploitation for optimal resource allowance.


It is sketched for compact nestle rooms, board-rooms and communicating spacing. It unites the impressive video skill and a fresh break-through ordinary interface with the advertise interoperability and little total fetch of possession of any video. This Group Series involves Group 300 to Group 700 video conference system. Its functions are listed under;

-Fully standards established

-Up to 8 way meshed multipoint

-POLYCOM constant clearer HD audio


It is POLYCOM’S latest all-in-one video alliance solution that supplies inventive technology crossed with the fresh prototype to authorize more lithe and successful group-work in any one of your communicating spaces. Teams want to able to gather at the moment perception and distribute statistics, ideas and co-operate on projects without the hurdle of space. Functions are as follow;

Supplies an un-unite user skill with the touch command

Involves invention such as Smart-pairing technology and POLYCOM’S Visual-Board

It is simple to collaborate and instinctive


A video-centric select batch of video conferencing, webbing and AV installation specialists supply a genuinely World-wide and multinational achieve. It provides skilled specialist engineers and fixed technicians to carry through installations at a consumer provision and certify configuration and direction of the apparatus to the highest level. Their team of engineers has been carrying through on-site meeting installations, both resultant and web infrastructures, implied web installations for more than fifteen years. Video-Centric specialist installations include:

Personal computer Tele-Presence Systems

Structured Cabling and Accessories and many more

Firstly above, we read about video conferencing that how much we are feeling relaxed after the invention of Video Conferencing gadgets. These devices are helping us so much, and we can communicate with our partners, friends or colleagues and discuss several things with them. Before the invention of Video Conferencing gadgets, businessmen faced many issues to communicate with each other. They went to a specific hall where the meeting was arranged, and then they discussed their ups and downs in business.

Secondly, we read about POLYCOM video conferencing system. They invent their first basic and straightforward gadget, the Speaker-Phone and after that, they became the boss in Voice around the world because of their gadget. They also invent Video Conferencing devices for people to communicate with each other easily. These gadgets are not so costly for companies or industries to utilize. Products of POLYCOM’s company are easy to install in offices or work-places. This company generated different types of Video Conferencing products if one person wants to buy this product only for himself so there is a solo Camera for Video Conferencing. At the other side a company, it has many members, and they want a group Conference so for this purpose POLYCOM invent their gadgets.

Everyone must try these superior gadgets if they need these in their work. After using POLYCOM’s gadgets, you will feel free about your business problems.

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