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office telephone system abudhabiThe telephone system for the business is an integral part of communication and service delivery. It is the easiest and fastest means of office to office contact and customer queries allowing matters to be addressed and resolved with efficiency. Owing to the transformative nature of professional technology, businesses are migrating towards IP Telephony or voice over internet protocol to conduct its telephonic functions. A closer look at the efficacy of IP office telephone systems determines its effectiveness in support of your brand.

The versatility of IP Telephony technology simply cannot be denied for the small to medium business. We deal with Several Telephone System brands to fulfill clients office telephone systems needs. Our Portfolio of IP PBX System and Office IP Phones include NEC, Avaya, Panasonic, Yeastar, Dlink, Digium, Asterisk, Fanvil, Htek, Yealink, RTX, Snom, Sangoma, Polycom, Cisco, and Grandstream.

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  1. Affordability

The most obvious advantage of investing in an IP office telephone system is the affordability. IP Telephony is a technology that utilizes the internet rather than conventional phone lines to conduct its calls and related phone services. The introduction of IP Telephony gateways and modern integrated devices allows the business to transform its traditional analog phones into fully functional internet systems. This makes the reduced costs per call accessible to most enterprises.

  1. Flexibility

The incorporation of an IP office telephone systems takes a business to the next integrated and web-based means of communication. It is more flexible offering a variety of features that would otherwise be missed in a traditional landline.

The flexibility of this exceptional technology lies in the ability to complete multiple tasks while on the line. You can forward voicemail or regular email while you are waiting on the line. The business does not have to be concerned with lengthy phone calls owing to the use of the internet and not a traditional phone line.

IP Telephony / IP PBX Systems introduces a variety of interesting features for an enterprise. You can configure systems and determine which service solutions are most suitable for your professional requirements.

  1. Supports Fast Client Responses

The integration of IP PBX System, allows calls to be taken anywhere and at any time. It provides the business with the choice. Determine whether calls should be forwarded to a direct office line or placed in a queue and redirected to the relevant departments. A variety of functional features are associated with IP calling solutions. For professionals who are traveling and away from the office, IP Telephony allows for the transfer including the faxing of important documents immediately. The work is completed faster and delays minimized.

  1. Reliability

Cut calls, poor voice clarity and disruptions over a conference call can leave a poor brand impression. More businesses are incorporating the IP office telephone system because it is more reliable than a conventional phone setup. While the internet connection must prove stable, conference calls can occur with the highest levels of clarity and responsiveness. It minimizes the possibility of dropped calls or interference making it hard to hear the caller. When lines are down, calls can be redirected to mobile to avoid missed orders and affected production.

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