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NEC Telephone Systems are the Ideal Business Communication system for SMBs that wish to compete and grow their business. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet any SMB’s or Enterprise communications need now and in the future. The NC PABX System and NEC Phones protects the customer’s original investment. The system is capable to start with a few users and expandable to a large number of users in the future. In this fragile economy, it is more important than ever that your business’s communications run smoothly and efficiently at a cost that will not break your budget. Your business is under pressure every day to stay fruitful and a good telecommunications infrastructure is needed to keep things running like a well-oiled machine. NEC gives you the tools to stay productive and connected.

We carry a number of NEC products aimed at allowing small to medium-sized businesses the ability to compete and keep the costs down. A small business’s phone system and unified communications infrastructure must be capable of growth and the ability to communicate in a manner fit with the technological times we live in.

NEC offers highly versatile phone systems capable of powering your small to medium-sized business. NEC handles growth with the greatest of ease. Modular expansion slots allow you to grow your infrastructure without the need for replacing the old hardware.

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The NEC Telephone Systems in Abu Dhabi suitable for small businesses looking for a great unified communications platform to excel their business into the next generation. The NEC PABX System products are fully scalable and can be upgraded to meet the needs of every small business that uses it. For Example, the SV8100 is configured to accept up to 64 native devices. With the addition of software licenses, it is possible for the SV8100 to grow to over 512 devices.

The NEC IP PBX  delivers a feature-rich pack of services at a great price. Small businesses will find the list of features more than acceptable for their needs. You get a laundry list of awesome features usually only available on much more expensive systems.

NEC works efficiently with its customers for introducing the new services and solutions for the ubiquitous networking society. By leveraging on the NEC’s unique capabilities in the integration of the networking technologies and IT for the diverse customer base across the businesses, governments, societies and the individuals worldwide. NEC customizes the solutions to construct the scalable, highly reliable, large-scale and flexible network and IT systems, like the Carrier Network, Retail Solutions, Private Network Solutions, IP Telephony Solutions, security and surveillance systems, and High-Performance Computing, products of IT such as Thin clients, Storage, and Servers and the multimedia products like the Commercial Display Products, Projectors, and the Solutions.

  • Being the world’s greatest telecommunication company, NEC has a portfolio of systems that delivers the best technology. There products and services come with great innovation and advancement in technology every year. NEC phone systems put forward the latest technological benefits in front of the businesses and for the business’s productivity. Small and large businesses get benefits from the NEC by using their phone systems.
  • The NEC’s efficient and intelligent design helps in solving the current business’s challenges. Reliable and effective communications are critical and are extremely crucial to a company’s success in today’s much competitive and complicated business environment. So, to make your company or business successful, invest your money in a powerful and reliable communication system and NEC is the best choice.

NEC PBX System products

NEC ensures its PBX System models addressing your key challenges of today’s business communications. NEC IP PBX Systems are designed for both SMB and Enterprise customers. NEC PBX Systems are well suited for the growth-hungry business model without losing the initial investment when the business expands.

The Right Telephone System selection for your business is always a challenge for the business owner. The Right Communication platform ensures perfect communication between the business and its clients. The Right selection of the Business Telephone System can be the backbone of your communications.


The NEC SMB PBX Systems are highly cost-effective with future-proof upgrade potential. NEC offers three IP PBX Systems for SMB Market. Which is SL1000, SL2100 and SV9100 Respectively?


NEC Enterprise Business communications are designed for unified communications and collaboration (UCC).NEC enterprise IP PBX unifying multimedia networks while enabling robust business applications. These IP PBX Systems can address the critical needs of businesses today. The NEC SV9300 and SV9500 are designed for enterprise-critical communications.

Some of the NEC’s products are mentioned below:

NEC Universe SV9100

The business phone system, the NEC Universe SV9100 has just released in Australia. It is an efficient and smart communication system and was specifically designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs). NEC Universe SV9100’s scalability and its powerful communication function is the answer to problems and challenges which growing businesses usually face. SV9100 has to models that contain the features for the small as well as for the multi-site business that has thousands of employees.

  • SV9100S

It is specially designed for the small businesses that need all the standard functions of new telephone systems.

  • SV9100E

It is a highly scalable design and has the ability to cater to all sizes of businesses.

NEC DT Series IP & Digital Handsets

NEC DT series offers both Digital (DT300 Series) and the IP (DT700 Series) options for any business. Both options offer the latest in the telephony technology and also it is a perfect balance between the function and the form.

NEC Universe SV8100

NEC Universe SV8100 is scalable and versatile for your increasing business needs. It supports the wireless or wired, IP, TDM, and video.

NEC Handsets

NEC analog handsets offer functionality in the low-cost package. NEC’s wireless phones provide you with durability, flexibility, and functionality. NEC’s digital and IP phones offer advanced functionality to all types of businesses.


The Xen IPK is a powerful converged communication system that allows you to converge the data networks and your voice and enjoy the benefits of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is the future of business communications.

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