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Technology as a form has a decisive role in making communication effective and productive. Advances in communication technology brought numerous influences to the world of business. Catching on it, many of the business starts to embrace advanced systems and products to gain greater success. The truth is that investment into the latest systems can result in substantial savings on infrastructure and communication costs. With the wide acceptance of the internet, VOIP has gained much in popularity and is now seen as an indomitable force in determining the communication strategies among the industries. In the present digital age, the business of every kind has a different range of communication requirements, but tend to plan for the future entrepreneurs now look to implement the core systems to make the communication smarter and effective. Now the industry is endowed with a wide range of brilliant systems and solutions from the major manufacturers.

D-Link is a well-known company engaged in the designing and production of IP based telephone systems to the industries of varied domains. As a major IP telephony provider, combining state of the art solutions, the company comes with the advanced IP phones, gateways, IP PBX systems etc…To meet the diversified customer requirements.

Moving with the current trends in the market

It is essential for the enterprise to have the systems that meet the various communication needs. When it comes to such requirement it makes sense to implement with the D-Link telephone system. Why is it so important? D-Link has the capacity and technology that takes your communication to advanced levels – it facilitates a closer and quicker integration, equipped with the extended features and functionalities and streamline the communication overhead. What else do you need?

Let’s have a look at D-Link telephone systems

The portfolio of products consists of IP phones, Gateways, and IP PBX systems.

In the IP phone category consists of the Android Video phones, 400 series SIP business phones, 150 series IP phones, and 120SE SIP Phone.

  • The D-Link Android Video IP phone is D-Link’s latest advanced color IP video phone that comes with the unified features. It has been designed to use as business phones. It extends wonderful face to face experience over the IP network allowing you to collaborate like never before.
  • The D-Link’s 400 series phones are ideal for the home and office as well. It’s been equipped with the advanced VOIP technology and features which make it perfect for the business communication and making long distance calls. It is able to store up to 100 contact numbers with a built-in phonebook. With the high-quality voice deliverance and Voice activity detection feature this series is a sure shot for your business.
  • The D-Link’s 150 series phones are designed for office purpose communication. With the beautiful design and features, it is good for varied business requirements.
  • The D-Link’s 120 series phones are designed as entry-level IP phones with built-in quality and cost-effectiveness.

D-Link has the reputation as the manufacturer of industry-leading IP PBX systems to the various industry communication needs. Depending on the type of purposes the IP PBX’s can be classified as Enterprise enhanced IP-PBX, SMB Enhanced IP-PBX, SMB Enhanced IP-PBX, and SMB IP PBX etc…

Dlink PBX Systems

D-Link enterprise enhanced IP-PBX (DVX 9000) has been designed to meet the medium to large enterprise communication needs. With the cost savings and ease of integration features, this product offers a promising feature to the business. Additionally, it has all the important telephony features to make communication faster and reliable.

D-LINK SMB enhanced IP-PBX [DVX3000] comes with the all essential telephony features needed for the small to medium businesses. It has the features call forwarding, call hold, voice mail and follow me. It has the capability to support up to 300 extensions. It includes a phone conferencing bridge that allows the business to schedule and invite members to the conference through the web configuration

D-Link SMB IP PBX (DVX-2005F) is a powerful telephone system that offers traditional PBX features. Apart from that, it provides some additional facilities also including visual voice mail, music on hold, and auto attendant, etc. It has been designed to support up to 100 phone extensions. The DVX-2000 series is available in two variants, the DVX-2005F (8 FXO modules) and DVX-2002F (2 FXO Ports).

Why D-Link Telephone Systems?

D-Link telephone systems deliver a promising feature to your expanding business. With all the advanced features and options, designing the communication infrastructure with these telephone systems does create a flawless solution across a wide range of industries. To meet the various business needs, D-Link has got a wonderful line up of Telephone systems including the IP phones, IP PBX systems, and gateways. Constructed by seeing the big, these systems have the capacity to meet the growing communication needs. The hardware and software flexibility plus the additional functionalities make the D-Link telephone systems a promising pick to, many businesses.

The wide assortment of advanced D-Link phones and systems means, the business is reaping the benefits in terms of productivity and profitability. With the advanced features and functionalities, D-Link phones provide the power of communication the business wants.

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