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avaya pabx abudhabiAvaya IP500 Dubai, Introduction and Features

The Avaya presents a reliable communications system for all your business collaboration needs. The Avaya IP500 Dubai provides you with all your needs such as Call Tracking, System Status Application, Phone Manager and much more, this company continues its tradition of providing an excellent range of communication product with the introduction of new IP 500 to Lead the Communications Market.

Avaya IP500 Dubai

IP Office is the highly decorated range of products designed for small to medium business. This product line is considered as the Hybrid PBX, which changed the digital telephonic communication at its very core.  With the addition of VoIP and SIP support, the Server Edition remains one of the best IP products in the market.

This system is designed to change the propriety of IP solutions shortly. It will help the traditional systems to embrace secured operating systems such as Linux while setting the trend to acquire server hardware from the top manufacturer in the industry. This company is now providing a communications solution that supports the Digital and Analogue propriety of SIPS systems.

Avaya Office 500 is an idea for the Office range of IP telephones. This system provides entry-level IP solutions with the use of Standard software. This feature is a stackable option with a rack mounting kit for smaller configuration. This product is expandable with the purchase of a license to open up its features.

Benefits of IP Office Platforms

Avaya Communication solutions not only facilitates your business but also helps it to expand. Not sure how Avaya helps you to grow, see the following points!

avaya telephone system abudhabi

  • Smooth Collaboration

Prepare to change the way you communicate with your workforce. Avaya IP500 Dubai provides a cutting edge communication experience with superior voice and video quality. The Avaya IP systems are simple but powerful. Yes, you can run these IPs with only an appliance and support up to 2,000 users. If you want, you can also use virtualized software with it. These IP Systems deliver exceptional value for your money while remaining easy to use and manage.

  • Easy Setup

Now you can choose a deployment model that fits well with your infrastructure objectives. This structure includes everything, from an appliance to a carefully crafted virtual software for the data center with a wide set of options between them.

  • Perfect Solution for Midmarket Communication

Now you can rest in peace, thanks to Avaya integrated solutions. With a Collaboration software with Multichannel contact center, you can control all your networking, video and security settings from just a single source.

  • Lower Collaboration TCO

Avaya IP solutions are designed according to your needs while keeping your budget in mind. Yes, the Avaya IP500 Dubai is just a small investment for seamless communication that is power saving and easy to maintain.

  • Effortless Expansion

Do you want to expand your family business? If you do, then you are going to need reliable communication with your workforce, business associates, and prospects. Avaya understands the crux of such situations and, therefore, fulfill your challenging needs. With Avaya IP500 Dubai, you can expand your business without compromising your vision and creativity. Now integrate mobile, video messaging and contact center for active business collaboration.

  • Contact Center for Midmarket Businesses

Add power to your business with Avaya`s practical and affordable communication solutions. The Avaya IP500 comes with multichannel functionality for excellent Voice, Email, and web chat quality. The Office center solutions we provide can hold from 5 to 100 agents. With our experienced leadership and cutting edge technology, we add simplicity and value in your business.

  • Responsive and Productive

The powerful Avaya IP Office Solutions help you for better engagement with your workforce while developing strong relations with your prospect and other counterparties. Now build better relationships to facilitate your business and clients to make smart decisions.

Avaya IP500 System

Redefining Business Communication, the Avaya IP Phone Systems implement the latest technologies for best-converged voice and data technology experience. The Avaya IP500 Dubai comes with High-end applications that were only affordable for large enterprises. Now, these easy to use tools are made available by Avaya to provide Small to Medium Size Businesses.

The Avaya IP System Family consists of the 500 series which provides the latest control units in IP Office Suite. Furthermore, these products also support IP Office Release 6.0 with expansion by using Different modules. These products deliver full voice functionality and a broad range of features. The Avaya IP systems are configured accordingly for voice only PBX along with Circuit Switched Lines. These are ideal to use as an IP telephony server with ISDN and PRI Dial-up to access or direct Leased line Connectivity with SIP Trunks.

Features of Avaya IP500 Dubai

IP Office Avaya IP500 is a control unit that provides comprehensive solutions that can handle up to 270 telephones with 8 TI/EI Trunks. This monitoring system supports up to 8 expansion modules with a combination of 270 phones (Analog, Digital, and IP Telephones). While supporting these, the IP500 also supports eight expansion modules has a capacity of 16 trunks. The SIP trunks are also supported with these systems as it can support additional 412 analog trunks with extension modules. Also, it also provides optional support for 128 voice compression channels.

These phones operate on Linux while using analog, VoIP, and SIP protocol. HP Provides the server hardware while PSTN Gateway is from Avaya.  Speaking of its technology and support, the following are the features of Avaya IP500 Dubai:

  • Support for Analog, Digital and IP Systems
  • Supports up to 250 SIP trunks per service
  • Management for 100 Voice Messaging Ports
  • 128 Audio Conferencing Ports
  • Conference Call Capacity
  • Recording Feature for Conference Calls
  • Compact Flash Port
  • SD Card Support
  • Power Lead
  • Relay Port
  • DTE Port
  • MOH Port
  • 8 Expansion Ports
  • 4 Universal Interface Slots
  • Modular Chassis
  • Call Center Capabilities
  • Affordable Support
  • IVR Features
  • SIP Trunking

All these features collectively make the Avaya IP500 Dubai an ideal communication tool for your business. This communication system shows Avaya’s aggressive approach for a SIP-friendly open product.

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