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Business PABX System help to improve your communication. By doing this, they make your business productive and thus grow your business by making it profitable.The scope of the telecommunications market is higher in Dubai as compared to other countries. Dubai is known for introducing modern and advanced technology. There is a broad variety of digital items or devices in Dubai due to the special lifestyle of the people here. The majority of people prefer to get advanced products and to get benefits from the recent technology that is available easier. In this way, PABX UAE ensures high-end Telephone System solutions for business across the UAE.

PABX UAE provides Telephone System solutions & Installation for companies, Schools, professional offices, hotels and public administrations with guaranteed value for money. PABX UAE offers a wide variety of PABX System installation, and supply of telephony products supply across the middle east and Africa region. We cater companies of any size and offer a diverse product range from basic two-user PBX systems through to multi-user systems with more than 2000 users. We provide traditional analog telephone systems, IP PBX  systems, Digital Phone systems and  Wireless phone systems based on your business communication needs. whether you are small business up to 5 users or a large organization with more than 1000 employees. 

Today, a small office phone system is increasingly part of a converged network—an Internet Protocol (IP) network that seamlessly ties together voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other business-critical communications tools and applications. We can help you get the best out of your telephone system.

IP PABX means Internet Protocol Private Automatic Branch Exchange. Essentially, it’s an Office’s own full-IP telecom system. Purchase your PBX selecting from the number of analog, digital, ISDN and VoIP systems available with us. We’re a company focusing on VoIP and fixed telephony for businesses, offices, shops and accommodation in Dubai, UAE while offering a specialist and timely service online and onsite. Having a  voice/data solution for each business need, from small offices to branch locations towards the largest multi-site business, we do have the  telephone systems and Gateways provide you with the flexible, scalable foundation you can use to economically and reliably give you the rich telephony applications of IP telephony over your computer data network. Regardless if you are thinking about upgrading your present telephone system or need suggestions about installing digital or analog lines, we’re here to assist. We know the everyday issues that businesses face today, and therefore we work closely with all our clients to implement fully integrated communications solutions. Additionally, we implement capabilities like voice-mail, computer telephony integration, call management software, call logging and phone call recording systems. As a consequence of our wide range of experience and our dedication to service, we’re the choice phone systems provider for several small to medium-sized business.

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IP PBX System Dubai Transforming Businesses for the Betterment

An IP PBX Phone System in Abu Dhabi is the prime need of every second business. It requires an IP Pbx server. The IP Pbx is very similar in function in comparison to a proxy server. SIP clients tend to register with the IP Pbx server. When the clients need to make a call, then the IP PBX server is required to make the connection. The IP Pbx system has a directory that maintains the phone and SIP addresses of the clients. Most of the times the IP PBX system is facilitated with a VoIP gateway as well, and an internal call can be connected through a VoIP gateway. The IP Pbx system is in the central location of a company. The IP Phones can easily connect directly to the IP Pbx phone system.

Ten reasons why you need to switch to the IP PBX system in Abu Dhabi?

PABX UAE was offering quality telephone systems and communications services that are worth a try for sure. We will look at some reasons why you need to have an IP PBX system in Dubai at the earliest.

 Easy configuration and installation: The interesting about IP Pbx is that it runs more like software on a computer. The IP Pbx can be quite useful in leveraging the computer’s processing power and the user interface. A person who is proficient in Windows and networking can easily install the IP PBX Phone. It is also not a difficult task to maintain IP Pbx.

 Web-based interface: Another key quality of IP PBX is that it can easily be managed using a Web-based GUI. This makes it simpler for you to fine-tune and maintains your phone system.

 Cost-effective solution: VOIP services can be utilized for international and long distance calls. Thus, this leads to significant cost saving. If your office has branches, then it becomes a simple process to connect between the branches and even make free phone calls.

 An end to elaborate wiring: The best incentive about an IP Telephone system is that you can easily connect the hardware IP phones directly with your computer network port. This way you would be able to bring an end to the extensive wiring, and this makes the IP PBX system Dubai a lot more manageable.

 Scalability: It becomes difficult to carry on with the proprietary systems with the passage of time. It is not easy to add more phone lines to a proprietary system because this would be requiring expensive hardware modules. Well, the case is quite different from an IP Pbx phone system. You can easily add up extensions and phone lines. Expanding your IP phone becomes an easy job this way.

 Improved productivity and customer service: You would see that it would become much easier to deliver great productivity and customer support with an IP Pbx Phone. The IP Pbx phone can easily be integrated with your business applications. For example, you can automatically bring up the customer record on receiving the customer call. This way you would be providing an improved service to every caller and would be able to cut down significantly on the costs as well.

 Facilitating hot desk: Hot desk has become a popular concept that involves moving the desks depending upon the tasks at hand. The traditional PBX required re-patches for connecting to new locations. However, the case is completely different with the new IP PBX. No patching would be required in this regard. The employees can easily work from home as well because all that they would need to do is fire up their SIP software phone.

 Improved phone usability: Most of the time employees tend to struggle with advanced features of the phone. Well, the scenario would change completely. Initially, it used to be a tedious task to set up a conference setting using the old PBX.  However, with the new IP PBX, it is much easier to perform various functions and use various features of the Windows-based GUI. The user can also see the status of inbound calls and extensions.

Availing the IP PBX system Dubai

Now it has become easy to have the latest IP PBX Phone in your office in Abu Dhabi . PABX UAE should be your choice in this regard. When you feel that you need more information call us today.  You would get the answer to all the essential queries on the website. A basic product overview is also available on the website. If you feel that you have some additional queries, then make it a point to drop in an email. The customer support would get back to you at the earliest. If you have decided to avail the quality products and services of PABX UAE, then make sure that you have a meeting to communicate your requirements.

The IP PBX system Dubai would help you to take your business to a new level of success because strong communication is the backbone of any business. Contact PABX UAE  to get the latest IP PBX Phone.

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